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Yamba Health


︎ Competitor research & strategy
︎ Concept development
︎ Creative direction
︎ Brand design
︎ Packaging design
︎ Social media content creation & design
︎ Newsletter content creation & design
︎ Photography

︎ A wee bit of animation
︎ Copywriting

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About 5 years ago a few friends and I founded Yamba Health, an all natural vegan health brand selling originally only moringa (great plant, look it up), and now a full line of products such as vegan protein powders, energizing vitamin packed effervescent tablets and moringa oil.
I suppose you could call this my design baby. Creative mastermind Stephen O’Neill and I have been sharing the task of designing everything that’s involved in starting up—and scaling up—this brand. From the very first wordmark and Indiegogo campaign website, to the packaging, webshop, flyers, banners, POS materials, newsletter templates and all social media content. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check out our Instagram account. I can honestly say that I personally created 95% of the content shown there. From ideas to visuals to copy to freaking hashtags ︎

All this hard work is paying off though: Yamba will soon be available at Holland & Barrett! 

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