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I was a full-time freelance design consultant at Uber for over 2 (?!) years. During that period I made anything from OOHs, activations, banners, billboards, CRM-templates and illustrations, to continent wide campaigns.

The Amsterdam office was home to the Uber EMEA Brand and Marketing team, which meant that we served as the in house studio for over 30 different countries. In a practical sense that meant designing social media posts for a public holiday in Estonia one day, and designing huge billboards for the launch of Uber in Barcelona the next (and defending the brand identity to stakeholders in the entire EMEA region on a daily basis ︎). It was a quite the puzzle designing for so many different countries—each with their own subtle differences in design aesthetic—while making sure the sender was always unmistakably Uber.

I was also there during the global rebrand (as executed to perfection by Wolff Olins) in 2018. Experiencing a global rebrand of a company this size from up close was incredibly educational. And hectic. But mostly educational.

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