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JC Decaux Spectaculars ︎︎︎

Cat tram fan ︎︎︎

I was a designer at INDIE from just before the pitch until the absolute heydays of Tele2. It was an insane period in time. Nothing was too much, or too crazy. You’ll probably recognise quite a few of the works below :) 

My personal favourites? The Tele2 Cat Tram, and wayfinding to the Tele2 store in Amstelveen, in collaboration with JC Decaux. For the latter we sent over a mock up of an abri with an arrow made up of circus llights piercing right through the frame, and JC Decaux came back with... exactly that (see above). I was blown away by the skillmanship of their spectaculars team.  

Obviously credits are due here—this was a team effort of enormous proportions. It was ages ago though and I’m worried I might leave someone out. But I’m grateful to every single person that helped make Tele2 the brand that it was. 

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