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Amstel Radler Abri’s

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In one of my first months of working at INDIE Amstel Beer sent out a briefing to the studio for a new abri campaign for Amstel Radler. It had to contain the packshot, the headline ‘De Favoriete Radler van Nederland’, and somehow it had to be reminiscent of sports. Having in mind the Tour de France posters of the 50s and 60s, with their heavy grain, clear cut lines and soft colours, I designed this poster. It turned out to be a dream project. Client was happy, I was ecstatic. The campaign ran in over 2500 locations in the same week! Lennard from account sent me the excel sheet containing all locations, so I cycled around Amsterdam for days trying to capture them all. 

The funny thing is, I was never even really sure why the design turned out to be so successful (the campaign was repeated 3 times I believe). To be honest it breaks most of the rules I was taught in art school. But the campaign holds a dear place in my heart nonetheless—it was the first time for me to see my work in public. It made me feel like I was on top of the world ︎ 

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